Most of You Probably Die

Day 2 - The... Brass Hand?

You are definitely not getting badges.


The Temple of Dragons, located at the heart of Aderann's Temple District, is a humble building, with two small rooms on either side of the main area, two locked doors each leading to side halls, and a variety of well-kept secrets which are often exploited by the strange organization that seems to make its home here. The main room itself is lined on either wall with a variety of metallic dragons, each representing a god or goddess that can be worshipped in this temple. Two large doors stand at the front of the room, wide enough for a considerable crowd to pass through, though very few in these lands still worship dragon gods. The Temple of Dragons is meager, but clearly well-cared for and certainly not forgotten by its denizens.


As Merchant's Row is consumed by panic, a small gnome woman is heard above the din. "Everyone into the cellar! More are coming!" A gnome man is also seen, directing people toward the Greasy Goblin. For each their own reason, the group of travelers, henceforth to be known as the Dragon Watchers (forgive the dramatic name), make their way as directed into the cellar. It is a small stone room, located one floor below the Greasy Goblin, which quickly becomes filled to capacity with a crowd of terrified citizens. The two gnomes are the last to enter the cellar; the woman closes the cellar door behind them and looks back to the crowd. "We'll wait it out here for now; please remain calm." Duncan immediately rejects the idea of remaining calm and proceeds to launch a barrage of questions at the gnome woman, to which she is exceedingly unreceptive. Meanwhile, Thorgrim is staring longingly at the casks of ale lining the room; the bartender has a similarly negative attitude toward this development.


After a short while, a few of the Dragon Watchers hear crashing up above; a couple of them worry that a dragon has crashed through the place, but Xencarth is certain that it was dragon flame that brought the place down, not a creature itself. He is also certain, however, that he heard a support beam or something of the like land over the cellar door. It seems that the gnome woman has also heard this, as she looks toward the noise, then looks at the large crowd in the cellar, then begrudgingly looks to her companion and nods. She then approaches one of the rough-hewn stone walls of the cellar and feels around for a bit. Soon, she finds her place and reveals a small door, just big enough for an average-sized human but certainly difficult for a half-orc or someone similarly large. "This tunnel leads to the Temple District," the gnome woman says. "It will be safer there." The majority of people are immediately prepared to go through the tunnel. To those that won't, Xencarth attempts to diplomatically convince them to carry on. A man, woman, and their two children comply, as well as another man on his own, but when a couple refuse the advice, Duncan returns to bluffing his ass off and sends them in a fear-soaked beeline for the door. He then goes to further question the gnome woman, who is just as unresponsive as ever, as is the gnomish gentleman accompanying her. Inevitably, all of the Dragon Watchers decide to go for the tunnel, first Jager, then later the elves, the dwarf, the sorcerer and the druid. It is a long walk through the tunnel, which stretches across the entire city on its way to the Temple District.


Raven and Faedi talk amongst themselves, unwilling as ever to question anyone or strike up a conversation (an extremely elvish way to be, of course). Jager attempts to listen in on any conversation that may be of interest, but hits the side of his head on the tunnel wall and is temporarily stricken deaf as fuck. Instead of listening in, he therefore frightens the peasant in front of him by trying to ask how much longer it would be until they reached the Temple District. Duncan, after quite a bit of convincing, pushes the gnome woman to start revealing some information about the source of the dragon attack. While they hang back to have a private conversation, the gnome man takes out a lute and begins playing and singing an old sea shanty of the Long Shore. Thorgrim the dwarf, somehow managing to know everything there is to know about this song, begins singing along in a low bass and drumming on his now half-empty cask of ale (which he was given permission to take by a very defeated bartender). This sound echoes throughout the tunnel and seems to drown out the conversation of the sorcerer and the mysterious gnome woman.


As the gnome's song begins to fade, the conversation between the woman and the sorcerer is ended with a very loud and abrupt introduction. "Wanda!" After quite a bit of time spent walking, the group of citizens fleeing Merchant's Row exit the tunnel into a meager temple, complete with an open center room decorated on either side by a variety of metallic dragon's heads. The sorcerer walks up to a brass dragon's head near the front, then looks at the Wanda and flashes a wink. The gnome woman shakes her head and turns back to a very secretive conversation with her bard friend. Raven notices a hooded figure watching the two gnomes; occasionally, the bard's eyes will flick over to him, then back to Wanda. After a few minutes, Wanda leaves to scout the area and make sure that it's safe to leave the temple; the bard is keeping to himself now, but is quickly approached by the sorcerer, the tall foreigner, and the druid.


The druid merely asks his name and holds out his hand. Taking it and giving it a firm shake, the gnome man introduces himself. "Glim Ellish Jebeddo Nackle. Pleasure to meet ya!" The sorcerer then asks quite loudly if there's anything he can do to, uh,  help. Glim's eyes flick once more over to the hooded figure before he admonishes the sorcerer and tells him to keep his voice down. Before he can say anything else, however, Jager approaches and vigorously shakes the gnome's hand, nearly breaking a bone or two in his enthusiasm, and asks how on earth the bard knew about that tunnel. The bard politely ignores this question, instead trying to laugh off the sorcerer's suggestive comments about the relationship between him and Wanda. His eyes flick over in the direction of the hooded man once more, only this time he turns his head fully, noticing that the hooded figure is attempting to leave. Without further thought or word, he pulls his lute out once again and begins singing. The song is very enjoyable to the skittish crowd, until many of them realize they are unable to move. Jager and Xencarth are the only ones who seemed able to break free of this spell; as Jager demands to know what this gnomish bastard is doing, the bard simply continues singing and playing, and approaches the hooded man, whose back is now turned from the gnome though he is frozen in place. The bard continues this method of ignoring Jager's questions and slowly approaching, until finally he leaps up and smashes the hooded figure over the head with his lute. Being prone, the man is quickly knocked unconscious and falls to the ground. With this action Glim stops his spell, and the townspeople as well as the Dragon Watchers find themselves able to move again. Widespread outrage immediately ensues, which the bard lightly attempts to quell; however, he is more concerned with examining his now unconscious foe, and the infuriated townspeople continue on until Wanda returns stating that it is safe to leave the temple. At this point the entire crowd exits, but for the Dragon Watchers who still want to know what the fuck is happening here. Before explaining anything, the bard enlists the help of Duncan and then Jager to carry the unconscious individual into a back room for the time being. The two gnomes then are finally convinced to allow the group some information.


It is explained to Faedi, Raven, Thorgrim and Xencarth that the gnomes are part of a small, extremely secretive organization that is attempting to stop the dragon attacks (or at least limit the amount of suffering that ensues with their sweep of the kingdom). Only Duncan and Jager are given more information as to the details of this organization, who they may serve and who they may fight. The Dragon Watchers are also informed that the organization does not require that they help with this cause; however, due to the super duper secret nature of their operations in Aenn and the surrounding regions, anyone who says no will be monitored for the rest of their lives to ensure that they don't reveal anything to opposing factions. If they say yes, though, they will of course be compensated for their vital aid to the security of the kingdom. Left with little to no choice, all of the Watchers end up agreeing (some more begrudgingly than others), and the gnomes begin to discuss potential missions. After some deliberation, the group decides to travel to Forest's Edge, a town just west of Aderann, with Wanda accompanying them. With that decided, the gnomes begin discussing what to do with the unconscious dissenter in the other room, when the bartender emerges from the room with the tunnel. Wanda is surprised but pleased to see him, as he had seemed keen on staying behind with his ruined tavern. However, he seems prepared to rebuild, and merely asks if they found him, and where he is. Wanda shares the recent events that occurred in the temple, and without another word the bartender goes to the back room and closes the door, prepared to "deal with" the now uncloaked man.


That being finished, the Dragon Watchers and their new gnomish friends make way for the stable, to collect the ponies of Wanda and Thorgrim and also to retain horses for the others on their journey to Forest's Edge. They pass by the corpse of a juvenile white dragon as they walk on, one who was most likely shot down by the city's defense forces and crash-landed into a large building on the north end of the Outer City. After yet more ass-bluffing-off skills, Duncan manages to convince a guard that the group is there on behalf of the city to collect data from this dragon. The Watchers promptly begin hacking off pieces of dragon corpse and taking blood samples, and soon are on their merry way. It is now mid-afternoon; the previous panic of the city has now been replaced with the quiet desolation of this sudden attack. At this point, the new and somewhat unwilling recruits of this strange organization can only hope that they make it to Forest's Edge alive.


80 exp base (70 + 10 to all cause look guys a plot)
+15 exp to Duncan for endless Duncan-esque questioning
+6 exp to Thorgrim for continuing to keep his eye on the alcoholic prize
+12 exp to Good Guy Xencarth for convincing the family and panicky guy to go through the tunnel
+4 exp to Duncan for lying his ass off and ushering the last two in
+8 exp to Faedi and Raven for sticking to their elvish guns
+10 exp to Jager for being deaf as fuck
+9 exp to Thorgrim for suddenly knowing everything there is to know about this one song
+3 exp to Duncan for being not the slightest bit sneaky
+5 exp to Raven for being all observant and shit
+3 exp to Xencarth for being the only person in the room with any chill
+6 exp to Duncan for being all suggestive and weird with the bard
+9 exp to Jager for nearly breaking the bard’s arm in his enthusiasm
+4 exp to Jager for being exceptionally pissy after paralysis
+2 exp to Duncan for being Duncanish with the unconscious dude
+8 exp to Duncan for magnificent sauntering skills (I don’t remember when this happened but it is important)
+10 exp to Faedi for solid character choice
+7 exp to Raven for Faedi-related motivations
+16 exp to Jager for the sneaks and being secretly character-y
+14 exp to Thorgrim for pony dedication
+6 exp to Xencarth for joining the cause
+4 exp to Xencarth for tending to the big ol’ doggo
+3 exp to Duncan for elf racism
+9 exp to Faedi and Raven for being salty at said elfism
+8 exp to Faedi for albino elf rationale
+5 exp to Thorgrim for being characteristically Thorgrim-like
+4 exp to Raven for spottin’ shit like a professional shit-spotter
+7 exp to Bluffmaster General Duncan
+5 exp to Thorgrim for excited tail-hacking
+6 exp to Xencarth for being a clumsy motherfucker with solid intentions
+3 exp to Faedi for being clerical

Duncan – 128 exp
Faedi – 118 exp
Jager – 119 exp
Raven – 113 exp
Thorgrim – 119 exp
Xencarth – 111 exp

Day 2 - The... Brass Hand?

Items Acquired:
- Jager receives a pretty okay used cloak from the nice shady gentleman now locked in a back room of the temple
- Thorgrim receives a now empty cask of ale
- Duncan receives a white dragon blood sample, a white dragon tail spike and 2 small white dragon scales
- Raven receives 3 small white dragon scales
- Jager receives 3 small white dragon scales
- Xencarth receives torn dragon wing sizing approx. 1′×2′
- Thorgrim receives a white dragon tail end, sizing about 1-2 ft, which he will inevitably try to use as a weapon

Day 2 - The... Brass Hand?

Xencarth had an excess interaction in the stable wherein he worked to tame the most stubborn and unamused horse in the place. As a result the following changes have been made:

+7 exp to Xencarth for being almost as stubborn as this bitch of a stallion
Xencarth – 118 exp

If you (your character) wants to do anything else before the next session, please message me personally and we can meet up and play it out!

Day 2 - The... Brass Hand?

Thorgrim has gained a new ability! See Sea Shanty in Wiki → Game Rules.

Xencarth has gained a new ability! See Asshorse in Wiki → Game Rules.

Day 2 - The... Brass Hand?

Jager has gained a new ability! See Super Chill Mare in Wiki → Game Rules.

Day 2 - The... Brass Hand?

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