Most of You Probably Die

Day 3 - Questions

And so much salt.


For a first-hand account of these events, see


The Watchers obtain their (rental) horses from the stables just past Merchant's Row, miraculously unburnt and guarded by a surprisingly loyal stablehand. While Xencarth obtains an Asshorse (see Wiki -> Game Rules), and Jager obtains a Super Chill Mare (Wiki -> Game Rules), Thorgrim remains dedicated to his pony Roach, Duncan receives an all black super mysterious and not at all emo stallion, Faedi receives a pure white mare, and Raven receives a brown and white-speckled mare said to be good for firing on horseback. This being taken care of, the group makes their way out of the city, Wanda leading them through the northwest gate and onto the road to Forest's Edge.


Duncan immediately begins questioning Wanda, curious as to the gnome woman's motivations and how she plans to continue her work in Forest's Edge. Due to his tone, Wanda doesn't appreciate his excessive interrogation and so is especially quiet about these matters. Duncan does not appreciate that. The other members of the party do not appreciate Duncan. A lengthy argument in which the sorcerer is threatened by Thorgrim with his dragon tail ends when Thorgrim eventually gets fed up with his comments and throws his empty ale cask at the back of his head. It is a very dwarvish thing to do, but given that the sorcerer is the definition of a glass cannon it is agreed that it was likely not the wisest choice. Duncan is knocked off his horse and nearly loses consciousness; though Raven quietly comments that he clearly deserved it, Duncan is now extraordinarily salty and even Xencarth the druid disapproves of this action. Jager eventually calms everyone down by being authoritative and sounding German, and Wanda requests the cleric's assistance with Duncan before moving the party along.


The argument, of course, starts to pick up once again, but they are interrupted when Xencarth spots two kobolds watching them from over the horizon. The pair quickly retreats; while most are immediately uncomfortable, Wanda attempts to calm the group, saying that they may try to retrieve some friends from their burrow and come back, but that won't be until morning at the absolute earliest. The Dragon Watchers, she explains, would have plenty of time to reach Adam's farm, where the group will be staying for the night. They reach the farm, Wanda goes in to talk to Adam alone, then they stable their horses and introduce themselves to the farmer and his two young girls.


Duncan quickly resorts to lying for kicks, explaining to the family that he is an exiled prince and that his name and origins are very secret. The majority of people buy it wholeheartedly, due to the sorcerer's mad bluffing skillz; Wanda gives him a doubtful look, but remains quiet on the subject. One of the young girls, age 7, is slightly frightened by Jager and his Amastrian-ness, but the other, age 5, shakes his hand with a wide smile. The five year old is also insistent on petting "the doggy," and while Raven introduces himself to Adam the girls find themselves quite taken with Faedi. All introductions out of the way, Adam cooks a hearty meal for the bunch, Wanda and Duncan take first watch (with Jager second, Thorgrim third, and Faedi and Raven last), and the remaining Dragon Watchers settle in; their night would be far more comfortable than any spent in seedy Merchant's Row, but most would likely find it much harder to sleep given the circumstances of their mission and the threat of dragons overhead.


50 exp base
+10 exp to Duncan for never ever not asking questions and being Duncanny
+8 exp to Xencarth for input and begrudgingly admitting the sorcerer’s point
+5 exp to Thorgrim for being very Thorgrim-like with the tail
+6 exp to Duncan for traditional Duncan bluffs
+13 exp to Thorgrim for the cask incident
+8 exp to Duncan for allllllll the salt
+7 exp to Xencarth for not being down with that
+9 exp to Raven for being extremely down with that
+11 exp to Jager for handling his shit
+7 exp to Faedi for dem healz
+5 exp to Jager for being chatty
+9 exp to Xencarth for playing along
+9 exp to Faedi and Raven for not playing along and thus being very elfy
+6 exp to Duncan for continued color commentary
+7 exp to Thorgrim for being Thorgrimmy
+7 exp to Xencarth for dat spot doe
+1 exp to Jager and Thorgrim ‘cause sucks to be blind guys
+7 exp to Duncan for yet more traditional ass-bluffing-off
+6 exp to Xencarth for letting the littl’ns pet the doggy
+3 exp to Jager for manly man handshake
+9 exp to Faedi for getting all sweet with the kiddos

Duncan – 87 exp
Faedi – 75 exp
Jager – 80 exp
Raven – 68 exp
Thorgrim – 76 exp
Xencarth – 87 exp

Day 3 - Questions

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