Most of You Probably Die

Day 3.5 - Kobold Invasion

At least you got to do some fighting... right?

Near the end of the second watch, the kobolds came from over the rise, wielding spears and slings and ready to take on the Dragon Watchers. Though the kobolds had them in numbers, the Watchers proved far stronger, and in the end nine were killed, one left unconscious, and one shot in the back having fled the battle. Dox, the druid's wolf, went after the escaping kobold, tracking him to a tunnel not 100ft off from the farm. Though Adam mentions that the kobolds have been expanding south for the past year or so (a small fact that Wanda likely would have appreciated earlier), he will be shocked to find that they've built tunnels so close. He'll likely also mention that this is the first time in 5 years that so many have attacked the farm. However, all that remains to be seen as the group collects their respective thoughts after this sudden and short-lived assault.


Since this session was almost entirely combat-based, all players gain the same amount of experience.

11 kobolds
75 exp per kobold
divided among 6 characters

Each player gains 138 exp!

Day 3.5 - Kobold Invasion

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