Most of You Probably Die

Thorgrim's Journal: First Entry

Almost broke my keg today, crack in the side so won't do much for drinking but may need it for throwin'. Weird though, started thinking 'bout Kadrin when big guy was asking questions. Haven't thought of it for a while yet it still seemed like it was last moon. Thinking about it still doesn't bring any clarity. Everything happened so fast, we had no time to understand what was happening. The Assembly was wrong, I shouldn't have.. I took an oath, a slayer's oath, to guard the dawi and strengthen the stone. All I did was let the stone fall and the mountain crumble. Brother, I swear by my forge I'll learn what happened that night and before I rejoin the stone I'll take as many of them with me. The gnome might know something about this but something seems off about her. Gnomes sure are weird things. Still, they all believe this little group's been gathered at random. Maybe it has, but right now the only thing that can lead me anywhere is that odd, little gnome. She's got a spark in her, almost like Ungrim. I hope he made it out or at least joined the stone with honor.. Almost time for my shift of the watch and I desperately need somethin' to cleave. Still can't get used to seeing the moon overhead and not being surrounded by stone. How is it that others can live like this? 




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