Thorgrim Ironfist



Class: Fighter

Race: Dwarf

Level: 1


Strength – 18

Dexterity – 12

Constitution – 14

Intelligence – 9

Wisdom – 9

Charisma – 9

HP – 12

AC – 15

Base Attack – 3

Speed – 20 ft.


- Scale Mail

- Greataxe

- Pony


“The halls of Karak Kadrin run deep, they say, but the blood runs deeper.”

Thorgrim Ironfist was born into the noble house Ironfist in the now long-forgotten dwarfhold of Karak Kadrin. While not as socially inclined or scholarly as his brother, Grombrindal, Thorgrim always showed a burning desire to prove himself in battle. It was because of these great distinctions between the two that lead Grombrindal to take part in the politics of the Assembly with the other noble houses while Thorgrim was chosen to lead a throng of dawi slayers. Almost all dwarves strive to prove their worth to Moradin, their deity, and Thorgrim was ready to do just that in battle. Rumors were that a massive army was amassing to the south of Karak Kadrin and all were on alert for a possible surprise attack. It was unknown who or what this army was and with Thorgrim eager to prove his worth in battle, he appeared before the Assembly to request a throng of willing dawi to engage the army to the south.The Assembly, including his own brother, denied the request, saying that is was too reckless. Thorgrim was enraged at this decision since it has been years since his last military campaign and felt that he was losing worth in the eyes of Moradin. It is said that when a dwarf dies, their soul returns to the stone saying that if they were strong and worthy, it would make the stone stronger. Because of this zealous belief, Thorgrim and his dawi were known to be ruthless in the battlefield. However, months dragged on and no action was being taken by the Assembly to assess this threat. Then one night in an instant, almost all of Kadrak Kadrin was ablaze. Dwarves slaughtered and buildings demolished with the speed and strength of a lightning strike; no one knew what had happened. Thorgrim and a handful of slayers were in the halls of the Assembly when word of the attack came through. He ordered a handful of his men to guard the halls while the rest were sent to join the other dawi. Thorgrim was then leaving the halls when he was summoned back to the Assembly. They ordered him to take some soldiers and evacuate and civilians he could to the nearby town of Teneheim. After much deliberation Thorgrim resigned and swore not only to the Assembly, but to Grombrindal as well, that he would evacuate as many as possible. After an intense battle through the square he and some other dawi under his command were finally able to get to the escape route but not before an immense explosion was heard. Finally outside and en route to Tenehiem with the survivors, they were all able to get a glimpse at Karak Kadrin. The once great statues lining the entrance were demolished and the entrance was no where to be seen. It was clear that whatever cause that explosion also caused parts of the mountain to collapse. Once they reached Tenehiem, many went their separate ways, the throng of slayers was disbanded and all were at an absolute loss.Now Thorgrim is searching for a way to redeem himself for having left the battle and prove his worth, to the stone, to Moradin, and to Grombrindal.

Thorgrim Ironfist

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