Most of You Probably Die

Jäger's Journal: First Entry

What have I gotten myself into?

Ich vermisse Amastris. Ich vermisse die kuhle Brise und die helle Sonne. Ich vermisse mein zuhause…

(Translated from Amastrian)

I miss Amastris. I miss the cool breeze and the bright sun. I miss my home. 

I did not feel this way once for the duration of my travel, nor did I feel this way before I made it to Aenn's capital city, Aderann. No, it all started as soon as I stepped foot in that damn city. While it is a structurally defendable city, it's interior is nothing short of repulsive. The local garrison is incompetent, lazy, and most noticeably of all, scarce. Their commerce section, "Merchant's Row", was nothing more than slums and filthy beggars. All types of beings mingled through the market, a sight rare for my Amastrian eyes; but as the beggars tugged at my armor and a drunk dwarf attacked me, I only think that this wouldn't be the case at home. It took all my strength to hide my contempt of these people while I made it to the nearest tavern. However, my sightseeing would take a hard turn of inconvenient to dangerous…

A simple day long exploration of this continent had yielded unimaginable results, reptilian-flying beasts; "Dragons" as they call them here. Back home we have only heard of them in legend, a creature long thought to be extinct in Lexen. Now, I can attest they are real, and they are brutal creatures. With streams of fire and ice, they ravaged the city without any hindrance. Their ferocious might is in a way, majestic and swift. I could think of what the High Clergy would think of back home. Yet after surviving an encounter with them, I know the extent of their destructive power. I do not think they can be controlled effectively, and in that, they could be a threat to Amastris. 

Perhaps though, I should not be so lucky as to have survived the ordeal; as a result of following a gnome's safe retreat, I am now embroiled in some kind of effort to unravel a conspiracy veiling the kingdom. In any other circumstance, I would have made my way out somehow, but with the threat of this illusive resistance potentially compromising me and the omnipresent threat flying above us, I had no choice. To be fair, a male gnome sweetened the deal with promises of wealth in return for my services, so that could have swayed me slightly. No matter, the ultimate goal was to eliminate the threat, uncover more information about this illusive resistance, and do my duty. If only I wasn't going to be stuck with a gang of odd strangers.

It was only after we acquired horses to ride to our destination that I learned more information of my "allies-in-arms". We have seven in our group total, lead by the cheery gnome who saved us in the attack, Wanda. The second noticeable member is that drunk dwarf who had assaulted me earlier is "Thorgrim"; because fate is cruel that way. There's Xencarth, a rational druid with a wolf companion; a seemingly kind man, if only he were fully human. Then we have a pair of full-blooded elves; Raven the silent ranger, and Faedi the silent cleric. Normally I wouldn't have a care in the world if elves decided to keep their mouths shut, but in these circumstances, I wonder what they have to hide…

And how could I not mention our other human, Duncan. I was originally so pleased to have another human in our ranks, yet I would rather have more elves in line than a man like him. He's rude, crude, and he has a lot to say on… everything. He's a sorcerer with a silver tongue and he's all the more dangerous because of it. I can only imagine the punishment he would receive in Amastris for his insubordination. I have no patience for those who do not respect order, and Duncan is surely a man of chaos. Throughout our travel to our first mission, Duncan incessantly barraged the gnome about details expecting to be given a volume on all known matters. A good solider follows the orders of their leader, and will be informed of relevant information when necessary. It wasn't long before his antics annoyed some members of our convoy, ending in the dwarf throwing an empty ale cask at Duncan, knocking him of his horse. 

Duncan may be a loud-mouthed, smart-ass; but he did not warrant being attacked. The damage especially could have knocked the man unconscious, and then we would have to worry about a limp body. Additionally, while I may disagree on his methods, Duncan was asking important questions, especially when it came to the "dragons" themselves. The dwarf's tendency towards sudden violence infuriates me greatly, and I will not tolerate any attack like that in kind. I will kill that inferior drunk in retaliation. Amastrians hold grudges.

Once Faedi restored Duncan, we continued on our way. Questions would continue to plague my mind, especially the ones Duncan brought up about the dragons. However, lest I want to compromise myself, I'll trust the gnome girl to give me the information when we need it. Moving forward, I need to find allies in my strange group. In any event we are double-crossed, I need someone to watch my back. The elf pair are out, they don't trust any of us. Thorgrim is strong, but hasty; I won't throw myself into the flames if I don't need to. Which only leaves Xencarth and Duncan. Both are rational, and both are aware of their situation, but I haven't interacted enough with Xencarth to know his agenda. Duncan, on the other hand, is too prying. He craves information, which is a noble effort, but I don't want him in my business. I may have a way to approach him.

I will cease writing for now, my watch shift for the night is about to start. It seems my mission here has become all the more difficult with developments as they are. If I live through this, and make it back to Amastris, I will have so much to discuss.

- Jager Warstock



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