Faedi Lassemau (Leaffinger)

An elven healer who wants only to hide her face


XP: 422


Faedi was born with a genetic malfunction never seen before by anyone in her village; her hair and skin was as white as a cloud, and her eyes the deathly blue of ice. Due to this, she was called a cursed child, abused and locked up just for looking differently from everyone else. Despite her attempts to stay hidden, her ever increasing height made any sort of concealment nearly impossible. Her only comfort was her conversations with Ehlonna, who inspired her to secretly become a cleric, one who was focused on healing everyone so that no one would suffer the way she did. Soon after she became an adult, she stole enough from her village to flee; some clothes, some rations, and a dagger. Now she roams randomly, searching for a place, or at least a group of people, to belong to.
On her journey, she met another young elf and saved his life from a brutal battle by healing him just when it was about to be all over. When the battle was won, the two began to travel together; he would protect her from harm, and she would heal his wounds. The two stay hidden whenever possible, but is it just to hide from discrimination or something else…?

Faedi will be more open to women and children and will generally hide from everyone else, but she will do whatever it takes to save someone who needs saving, no matter who it is.

Faedi Lassemau (Leaffinger)

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